The Law Office of Mark Maltsberger

The Law Office of Mark Maltsberger

Drug Offense

Mark represents clients charged with all felonies and misdemeanors, including possession, delivery, or manufacture of controlled substances, dangerous drugs or marijuana and engaging in organized criminal activity.



The unfortunate reality is that for a 20 year old in Brazos County, Texas, it is easier to obtain a dime bag of weed than a six pack of beer.

Just like young adults who partake of alcohol, some students who partake of drugs do so solely as a social thing – they like to relax while celebrating with friends.

But that party can lead to daily drinking or wake and bake – with an attendant drop in grades or effectiveness at work.  When, not if, there is an accounting for the decisions, lives can be changed – and never for the better.

Identifying an addiction or a flawed lifestyle is often the first step.  Over my career, I have developed a network of service providers that help address any number of issues and addictions.

These folks can’t help without a client taking the first step.

In the grand scheme of the criminal justice system, misdemeanor convictions aren’t all of that big a deal.

For some young folks, they are.  Can limit further education, military, licensing opportunities.

Other young adults have significant unrecognized substance abuse problems that, if left unchecked, can change the course of the person’s life.

My law license identifies me as an attorney and COUNSELOR at law.  My thought is that gives me an imperative to assist my clients not only with their legal problems but with other issues that could have drastic life-long consequences.


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