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The Law Office of Mark Maltsberger

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People facing difficult legal issues don’t always need to be told that everything is going to be all right. Oftentimes, everything is not all right. Citizens charged with criminal acts face not only incarceration, but a whole host of consequences stemming from a mere accusation. Mark Maltsberger will guide you through these difficult times.

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Criminal Defense

Citizens charged with criminal acts face not only incarceration, but a whole host of consequences stemming from a mere accusation.

In any criminal case, securing quality legal representation is of vital importance.  Oftentimes by the time a citizen accused is released on bail, law enforcement has completed its investigation of the alleged offense(s)…and has determined that there is probable cause for your arrest.  Once a suspect is identified, law enforcement works from a presumption of guilt rather than a presumption of innocence.  IMMEDIATE investigation by an experienced legal team seeking exculpatory evidence is paramount to the defense of the case and the location/identification of evidence and witnesses.

The Law Office of Mark Maltsberger is a team that will help.  We have an on-site staff trained to assist in intake of cases and interviewing witnesses.  We consult regularly with private investigators, polygraphers, forensic accountants, medical professionals, and other experts in preparation of our clients’ defense.

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Driving while Intoxicated

Mark represents clients charged with all felonies and misdemeanors, including driving while intoxicated (DWI), public intoxication,  intoxication manslaughter, intoxication assault, sale of alcohol to minors, minor in possession (MIP).

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Drug Offense

Mark represents clients charged with all felonies and misdemeanors, including possession, delivery, or manufacture of controlled substances, dangerous drugs or marijuana and engaging in organized criminal activity.

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You have no doubt heard that probate is a very complicated, time-consuming, and expensive proposition.  To some extent it can be all these things, but with proper handling these drawbacks can be minimized.

Having trusted, experienced counsel is invaluable following the death of a loved one. The prospect of gathering appropriate information, drafting and filing appropriate documents, court appearances, identifying and paying creditors, and distributing assets to grieving beneficiaries is daunting. Without appropriate guidance, deadlines may be missed and estate assets that would be distributed to beneficiaries may end up being redirected to legal fees.

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Estate Planning

No one likes to think about one’s own death. However, planning ahead can help your family avoid unnecessary complications, delay, and expense.

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Part of the college experience is learning how to make good decisions.  Unfortunately, some students learn the hard way by making poor decisions.  Some of these poor decisions  serve as a “good bull” memory among friends for years to come.

It isn’t “good bull” when law enforcement or the university becomes involved. Universities impose sanctions on students accused of activities that

  • are a criminal offense under state law,
  • endanger the safety of the university community,
  • are directed toward another student,
  • occur on campus, or
  • violate one of a myriad of student conduct regulations.

A little weed in a dorm room, driving while intoxicated on campus, or ending a relationship with a claim of “she said yes/I said no” can have consequences far beyond the courthouse – and these penalties often have more severe implications than the criminal justice system.  University imposed conduct probation can limit a student’s ability to receive financial aid, live on campus, or to represent the university.  Suspension, dismissal, or expulsion from the university can change the course of a young person’s life.

Artificially imposed timelines for resolution of a student conduct complaint can result in decisions being made by poorly qualified university employees (with no training in the conduct they are investigating, adjudicating, and imposing sanctions on) with incomplete information.  For instance, in a driving while intoxicated cases initiated by the university police department on campus, video recordings of the traffic stop and subsequent investigation, along with the results of blood tests (both of utmost evidentiary value) are often not available.

Despite assurances of administrators that all proceedings will remain confidential under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, records of student conduct investigations and hearings are subject to be released with a lawfully issued subpoena – including a grand jury subpoena issued by a District Attorney’s office.  Hiring an attorney trained in avoiding or mitigating criminal consequences is important; hiring an advocate that is well versed in the student conduct process is invaluable.

Following an arrest on campus or receipt of a letter alleging violations of the student conduct code, please contact me as soon as possible.  We will make arrangements for a free consultation where I explain the procedures, processes, possible options and outcomes of both the criminal justice system and the student conduct system.


I stand ready to serve.


Mark R. Maltsberger

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